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Welcome to Tubby's ranch... 1961.

This is one of the nicest pictures to be found in the book, and it shows the inside of The Ranch in... September 1961!

This wooden bungalow, not to be mistaken with the studio, was located in the yard of 18 Dromilly Avenue and that's where Tubby started his electronics business like repairing radio sets and later building amplifiers. He called it T.R.S, like Tubby Radio Shop. But did you know that TRS also meant Tubby Radio Station? That's when he started to illegally broadcast some records on the airwaves.

"One evening, U ROY recalls, Tubby's signal interfered with the one from JBC as it was broadcasting a concert from The Ward Theatre. Tubby quickly packed up his equipment as the army entered Waterhouse, looking for the signal (...). Anthony Red Rose says Tubby was still doing it in the 1980s: “He had a transmitter in the studio. He pirated the signal of other radio stations to play my songs (laughter)! The police couldn’t enter Waterhouse at the time, so nobody could stop him."

When you were living nearby, it wasn't rare to hear one hour of Tubby's Specials on the radio! Played by Tubby himself.


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