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King Tubby, The Official Biography (T. Ehrengardt)

- The Limited Deluxe Edition.


Large format (A4), full colour, 176 illustrations including 47 never published before. 400 copies only. A real picture of King Tubby coming with every pre-order!


This is the very first biography of Osbourne 'King Tubby' Ruddock, the Dub Inventor and the operator of the best sound system ever. In the late 60s, he totally reshaped the musical landscape in Jamaica. He's at the root of Dub, Dub plates and of the deejays phenomenon, as U Roy was the resident deejaying at the King Tubby's Home Town Hi-Fi . Later in the 1970s, King Tubby shaped the roots sound of reggae music thanks to the iconic MCI console (and its big knob) that he set up in his mother's former bedroom at 18 Dromilly Avenue, in Kingston 11, Waterhouse.


Brutally murdered in front of his house in 1989, King Tubby is not honoured in his country as he should. A man of few words, he has left few testimonies behind him and this was a complicated book to write. Yet Tubby played a crucial role in reggae music, probably as important as Bob Marley's or Chris Blackwell's.


This beautiful coffee table book features dozens of illustrations, most of them rare and never published before; and puts the crown back to where it belongs, on the King's head.


Words from the publisher on this Limited Deluxe Edition:


"When we decided to publish the English version of King Tubby-The Dub Master (DREAD Editions), we had no distributor overseas, and the English publishers we had been in contact with eventually decided not to license it for various reasons. That's when we decided to put it out ourselves.


Limited means, and the uncertainty of the venture forced us to stick to the formula of the French edition: a regular book with some colour pages dedicated to these wonderful and rare pictures. Full colour and large format coffee table books are very expensive to print, especially when print them in France.  King Tubby—The Dub Master (DREAD Editions) was very successful. The first two editions are now sold out, and orders keep on coming in so that  it had become necessary to print a third edition. But now we had money to invest. Hence the idea to give these wonderful pictures and King Tubby the treatment they deserve.


This Limited Deluxe Edition features 176 illustrations, including 47 pictures never published before—at last, here comes King Tubby... in full swing! And in full colour. This edition is one of a kind, and will not be reprinted - the book will be, but in a more conventional shape.


Only 400 copies are made available worldwide.


The text roughly remains the same than the former editions, except of few corrections here and there, and the very exciting addition of Carlton Patterson’s testimony. We eventually came in touch with the producer of the Black & White label, and what he has to say about Tubby in the 1970s is simply fascinating!


The price of the book was kept as low as possible being given the cost of fabrication and the limited number of printed copies ; we also searched for the most affordable tracking shipping solution but you may order the book without tracking for a cheaper price: please, make sure you carefully read conditions before placing your order. We do not accept Paypal for this book, only Credit Cards through STRIPE.


So, soul brothers and soul sisters, here’s a book of dub and roots! Words, sound and full colour images. This is what you can’t afford to miss! So dig it, from the top... till the very last drop."


A4 format / Full colour / 144 pages.


About the authour: Thibault Ehrengardt is the former publisher and chief editor of the French Natty Dread magazine and current head of DREAD Editions. He's been to Jamaica around 25 times and he's written several books about reggae and Jamaica (including several available in English) and he's the curator for the JAMAICA INSULA exhibition featuring dozens of pictures taken in Jamaica.

King Tubby / The Limited Deluxe Edition

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