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New Tubby's recordings from 1975!

One of the most exciting things about putting out King Tubby’s biography was the response I got from all over the world. There are Tubby fanatics everywhere, and they are very dedicated. The part of the book dealing with the rare and extraordinary recordings of Tubby’s dances in the early 1970s inspired a lot of people, including Mike Anderson from London, Ontario! “I wouldn't even have known such things existed until I started reading the book!," he wrote. But then he made his researches on the Internet and came back with more treasures, that is to say two recordings that were unknown to me or Dave Brown, whom I quote in the book!

Mike Anderson recovered the 3 recordings from Whocorkthedance and restored them. Then he added the two new recordings and made them available on a folder. Here is the link to this incredible found. “Here comes part 3,U Roy says slowly while a terrific dub starts. Like a flood, the bass line carries everything away, creating ethereal spaces and temporal rifts.

One of the recording is actually the same than mentioned in the book with all the Horace Andy’s songs, except that... it’s longer! The next one is just pure gem. The King Tubby’s Hi-fi in its prime, circa 1975 – reggae at its best, and U Roy at the control.


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