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Johsua's Words, another Joshua tune...

JOSHUA'S WORD - Johnny Clarke

Inna Fliers style, of course...

The government of Michael Manley (PNP) felt that political violence was getting out of hand, and they tried to put a stop to it by opening the Gun Court penitentiary. Anyone caught with the smallest part of a gun (including a mere bullet) was sent there for... indefinite detention. It wasn't long before reggae artists started to record songs about it. Curiously, most of them seemed to support it, although the Gun Court was clearly a Babylonian symbol.

The young revelation Johnny Clarke went as far as recording a new version (two, in fact) of his hit song None Shall Escape the Judgement, to praise Joshua and the Gun Court! No gunman shall escape the Gun Court in these times, these words were spoken by Joshua... This is what we might call a political dub plate! "Well," Johnny laughed, "I was an artist so people respect me. True, some would shout at me in the streets: "Hey, man! Dis ya song no good, yah hear me?!" (laughter) "But many others say: "Gwaan, Johnny, we love it!"


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