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  • T. Ehrengardt (DREAD Editions)

Wake Spanish Town! Tubby's Hi-Fi is in town... (1970)

Ray Wilson lives in New York, but he grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica. So when he got his copy of King Tubby-The Dub Master (DREAD Editions), he immediately sent a picture of page 65 featuring an incredible ad for a Tubby dance held in Spanish Town (see below) on October 3rd, 1970. This document was sent to us by lickitback. It is particularly well put together, with a nice picture of "your main man JACKO" who held the dance.

Now someone in Spanish Town remembers the LOVELY GUEST CLUB where the dance was hled, and sent a picture of the front wall (see below). The club was located in front of the Iron Bridge, in Spanish Town, so you pass it every time you enter Spanish Town on your way from Kingston (on Burke Road, probably). Unfortunately, the roof was already gone when Hurricane Gilbert hit the island in 1988, and tore the building down once and for all.

Thus has disappeared a club where the "Tubby's Hi Fi with Hugh Roy, your D.J." once played.

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