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English books: Review of History of Ja.

The authoritative wesbite Rare Book Hub (RBH), in America, ha sjust reviewed Thibault Ehrengardt's The History of Jamaica from 1494 to 1838 (DREAD Editions) ; this book was recently translated into English by its author.

"Many of our readers have been enjoying and learning from the essays written by our French correspondent, Thibault Ehrengardt. Enhrengardt writes of both events current in the book world and reviews of antiquarian works from his homeland," the article reads, before going through the main periods of the history of the island (from the Spanish days to the English conquest to the buccaneers to slavery).

"Rather than taking the latest history and moving on from there, Ehrengardt turns to the original sources, books and manuscripts written by contemporaries centuries ago. As readers of his articles here well know, Ehrengardt's strength is in digging up old and forgotten sources to bring their times back to life. As an outsider, from a country that was never intimately involved in the country's life, he is able to tell the stories of the many participants free from the influence of personal connection. It has been a long time since the history of Jamaica was written in the neutral country of France, the last such book going back to 1751. This book is definitely due."

Read the complete article here:

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