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  • T. Ehrengardt (DREAD Editions)

Lizzy, ten feet tall in Harmony Hall...

This picture is taken from the King Tubby book and it was taken in 2018 in Greenwich Farm, Kingston, in Lizzy's yard. It was such a pleasure to meet this great early deejay! I had been looking for him for almost 20 years. And this is probably the best picture I took during my 2018 trip.

Lizzy started in the late 60s with Jammy's HiFi sound system. He is an original soundman, who used to wire the sound, to select records and then to deejay. He loved sound systems with a passion! And when he talks about the good old days today, his voice is still trembling with passion. And he's kept vivid memories of the period when he ALMOST made it as a deejay. His first recording, Wear You From The Ball, went to number 3 in the charts, just after the first two historical deejay songs by U Roy!

"I'm standing 10 feet tall in Harmony Hall..." Lizzy was at the very roots of the deejay style in 1970!

But he refused to work for various producers like his friend Dennis Alcapone urged him to do. So he slowly disappeared from the musical scene despite a few terrific 45s. "What is left today?" he asks. "Regrets." Regrets? "Yes, I would do differently today." You'd do like Dennis Alcapone? "Exactly," he laughs.

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