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King Tubby books in English have arrived! And will soon be dispatched...

The books are here! They will be dispatched in 24 different countries (!) on the next few hours. Please, make sure that you've read and agreed witht shipping conditions as described on our wesbite (see below). If you do not agree, this is the last moment to get a refund. Then it will be too late.

Note also that standard shipping might bit a little bit longer (a few days) especially during those Covid-time.

Please be advised that all parcels will be sent withtout registration (standard) unless you require so. It is highly reliable but books are sent at your own risks. No complaint, no refund (we will provide a picture of the parcel). Buying on our website means you've read and agreed with this condition. Thank you for your understanding. Registered shipping depends on destination (between 10 and 16 euros). Please contact through our website for more details.

Very excited about the book, thank you all for your pre-orders!

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