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  • T. Ehrengardt (DREAD Editions)

Cartographie d'une île... (UK)

Histoire (en anglais) d'un livre pas comme les autres sur la Jamaïque... Retour en 1672 !

Article publié par Rare Book Hub.

Richard Blome, Mapping Jamaica and Other Territories...

- by Thibault Ehrengardt

"Richard Blome’s Description of Jamaica; with the other Isles and Territories in America to Which the English Are Related... (London, 1672) is a book of exception. Although a long time Jamaica specialist, I’ve only held two copies so far, including the National Library of Jamaica’s, in Kingston, Jamaica—two are currently listed on the Internet for around $15,000. This small book was published 12 years after the English captured the island (1655), and it aimed at attracting new settlers to the British colonies in the New World. This political touristic guide captured the fledgling settlements in their prime—with words... and maps! (...) "

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