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The Maroons, the desultory foe.

Our partner UNITED REGGAE has just published the second extract from our book THE HISTORY OF JAMAICA FROM 1494 TO 1838 (T. Ehrengardt)! It's all about the Maroons, these fierce and merciless African fighters who rebelled against the British in Jamaica, almost driving the island to its ruins at the turn of the 18th century. First called the "Wild Negroes", they became "a thorn in the side" of the British, using unusual guerrilla tactics. Unfortunately, the Treaty the English were forced to sign with them turned them into runaway slaves hunters! A clause they too willingly complied with. But their story is one of bravery and pride. The Maroons still exist in Jamaica today.

Find more about their story at United Reggae.

As a result, the book is 25% OFF for a few more days on our website.


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