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Thousands the HARD Way! Real copies of our book...

Here they are, our beautiful hard copies of THE HISTORY OF JAMAICA FROM 1494 TO 1838. Take a look at our artwork and things! Les photos des exemplaires de notre nouveau livre en anglais.

Books like dirt! Order your copy here:!page3/cee5

On the cover, various engravings, including the so-called surrender of the Maroons in 1739, taken from Bryan Edwards' book.

Illustrated with gorgeous engravings. Here, the bad bwoy from 17th century Port Royal, the notorious Henry Morgan.

A map of Jamaica from the late 16th century, featuring the first settlements of Oristan ane Nueva Sevilla.

As the Spaniards had been the plague of the Native Americans, the BUccaneers became the plague of the Spaniards in the late 16th century.

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