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JAMAICAN GREATS, by Thibault Ehrengardt.

Jamaican Greats (Hard Copy)

20,00 €Price
  • Beware! Jamaica is no fairy tale country. Lives down there can be great, bad or ugly - this is naked life! But one good thing about reading - when it hurts, you feel the pain.

    10 PORTRAITS to portray a boiling island with "larger than life" characters. Musicians, politicians or criminals rub elbow in this explosive gallery of Jamaican portraits.

    - MARCUS GARVEY, In His Own Counrty
    - CLAUDIUS HENRY, The Repairer of the Breach
    - LEWIS HUTCHINSON, First Serial Killer
    - VIVIAN YABBY YOU JACKSON, Born Strange, Born Free
    - BOB MARLEY, The Skipper
    - VINCENT RYGHIN' MARTIN, The Two-Gun Killer
    - HENRY MORGAN, Sir Ain't No Saint
    - EDWARD SEAGA, Blind Man With A Pistol
    - TACKY, Not Enough with You, Mr. Long!
    - TREVOR WILSON, Johnny-Too-Bad.

    "From the opening salvo, Jamaican Greats simmers, boils and explodes. It is a hell of a literary ride - a juggernaut of an undertaking that demands detail, reflection and literary bite. And author Thibault Ehrengardt nails it." (The Gleaner)

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