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GANGS OF JAMAICA, The Babylonian Wars

by Thibault Ehrengardt


The author was granted the EXTRAORDINARY AUTHORIZATION TO FOLLOW POLICE PATROLS (the Mobile Reserve) into the most volatile areas of Spanish Town, Kingston and Montego Bay. He also met several gang leaders (Dons) and interviewed ordinary people as well as the Minister of Security in order to give a good idea of what gangs represent in today's Jamaica. A few years after the downfall of the godfather Lester "Dudus" Coke, is Jamaica about to lose its fight against institutionalized crime?

REVIEW by The Gleaner (Jamaica), by Glenville Ashby:

"Thibault Ehrengardt pens a provocative work that transcends the violence and mayhem that bleed through its every page. This is clinical journalism. It is insightful, investigative and written with sheer brilliance. It is how a story should be told. It is raw and cutting, dragging the reader into the trenches of an urban battlefield.

Gangs of Jamaica: Babylonian Wars reads like Ehrengardt's intimate diary. Given rare access to the gangs that litter Jamaica's urban landscape, he is mindful of not overplaying his hand with sensationalism. He is measured, deftly detailing the cesspool of wanton viciousness that weighs heavily on the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), an agency that is mandated to hit back at urban warlords. But when they do, we are reminded of Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote: "Be careful when you fight with monsters, lest you become one." (…) "

Gangs of Jamaica (Hard Copy)

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