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The Roots Years


Book in English


148 pages - full colour printing - coming with A FREE 45 (King Tubby / C. Patterson).

ISBN 9791094341179. 49€.


This BEST OF is the first part of my Jamaican testimony. As the former chief editor of the French magazine Natty Dread, I travelled twice a year to Jamaica between 1999 and 2010—and a few more times afterwards. Most of these interviews (and pictures) appeared in the magazine at the time, and have never been published in English. I was an independent journalist with no agreement of any sort with any one—a free man, as Freddie McKay would say. Although I spent a lot of time around the hottest stars of the time, I’ve always been a roots fanatic, and meeting with the roots artists was my greatest joy. It wasn’t a labour of love, but of passion—sometimes edging on fury. Going around Jamaica, taking pictures, searching for people, listening to incredible stories, eating Jamaican food and drinking gallons of pineapple juice; it was the fulfillment of my most ardent dreams, and a decade-long initiatory journey.

    This 1st volume of the BEST OF NATTY DREAD is dedicated to the artists who drove me there in the first place. It was a privilege to meet them, to photograph them and to record their stories. Many have since passed away—ah so it go—, and it makes their words and images even more valuable. So put on your reading shoes and get on the DREAD musical train. 1999-2010—the ROOTS YEARS.


Thibault Ehrengardt



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