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Deirdre McCallum and Milo Smee ! 22 likes each. Congrats (please watch you PMs). Thanks to everyone for partaking, posting or liking. Music's the game, Tubby's THE name...

Last call to win a King Tubby photo!

The King Tubby photo contest is ending tonight. You can send your own pic or vote for your favourite one, right HERE. Please note that our website remains active during the summer holidays but the office will be closed between August 1st and August 17th.

Win a Tubby photograph!

There are two original photographs of King Tubby left. And we'll give them away at the end of the week! Take the best picture of the book you can (no direction, do whatever you want, be creative!), and post it on our page on Facebook: The two pictures with the most "likes" by Thursday evening will get a free photograph.

First printing almost done! King Tubby rules nations with Versions...

The first printing of King Tubby's biography, The Dub Master (DREAD Editions), is almost sold out! And it was not even reviewed anywhere... yet! Thanks to all who ordered the book. This is very pleasing to see that King Tubby still fascinates people after all these years - and not only grown-ups! Many people from various countries got in touch with me, and believe me, King Tubby is still regarded as the musical genius to look up to by the young generation of engineers. Some people are still trying to do as good as he did some 50 years ago. Considering the technological evolutions that took place in-between, it tells a lot about Tubby's achievement. The second printing is on its way, so there

A top tune on Top Deck from a top sound!

This is a very rare 45, and a very good one too: Skaravan by Roland Alphonson (Top Deck Records). It was offered for sale on eBay the other day, and it went for a good amount of money. Original Jamaican 45s can be very expensive as more and more collectors are becoming aware of their value - be it historical, artistic of financial. And it is, overall, a good thing. But this copy has something very special. It bears the signature of its former owner. And guess who we're talking about? King Tubby himself! Thanks to Dave Home for the close-up and the info. We know, from looking at what remains of his stuff, that he used to write his name over everything he possesed. No wonder he did the same wi

How I met King Tubby.

The issue of BM featuring King Tubby's interview, as well as a full-length article about Jamaica and various artists by Carl 'Jahug' Gayle. Osbourne ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock is a key figure of Jamaican music, yet he’s quite unknown outside reggae circles. Although he invented Dub in the early 70s; although he operated the best sound system ever; although his studio has shaped the majority of the songs recorded in the roots era of the 1970s —almost nothing was known about him until we published his first biography, King Tubby-The Dub Master (DREAD Editions). The first one ever? Thirty years after he was murdered at his home? How come? Well, one of the reasons is that Tubby was a man of few words,

Wake Spanish Town! Tubby's Hi-Fi is in town... (1970)

Ray Wilson lives in New York, but he grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica. So when he got his copy of King Tubby-The Dub Master (DREAD Editions), he immediately sent a picture of page 65 featuring an incredible ad for a Tubby dance held in Spanish Town (see below) on October 3rd, 1970. This document was sent to us by lickitback. It is particularly well put together, with a nice picture of "your main man JACKO" who held the dance. Now someone in Spanish Town remembers the LOVELY GUEST CLUB where the dance was hled, and sent a picture of the front wall (see below). The club was located in front of the Iron Bridge, in Spanish Town, so you pass it every time you enter Spanish Town on your way from

Scientist at Studio 1, an incredible picture!

Version française ci-dessous/French version below. Photo Carol Dodd (all rights reserved): Coxsone (far right) and Scientist (middle). Scientist is one of the greatest Jamaican Dub Masters. He's very famous for the Dubs he mixed while at Tubby's in the late 1970s. When we spoke about his experience for King Tubby- The Dub Master (DREAD Editions), he mentioned the fact that he was also involved with Coxsone Dodd, at Studio One, at the time. "Coxsone thought I was Tubby's spy," he laughed. As the book shows, there was tension between Coxsone and Tubby. Scientist says he's responsible for a lot of the famous overdubs that came out of the studio at the time, and that he mixed Armagedion Time (Wi

Lizzy, ten feet tall in Harmony Hall...

This picture is taken from the King Tubby book and it was taken in 2018 in Greenwich Farm, Kingston, in Lizzy's yard. It was such a pleasure to meet this great early deejay! I had been looking for him for almost 20 years. And this is probably the best picture I took during my 2018 trip. Lizzy started in the late 60s with Jammy's HiFi sound system. He is an original soundman, who used to wire the sound, to select records and then to deejay. He loved sound systems with a passion! And when he talks about the good old days today, his voice is still trembling with passion. And he's kept vivid memories of the period when he ALMOST made it as a deejay. His first recording, Wear You From The Ball, w

Another rare King Tubby picture!

Straight from the DREAD vaults, here's another rare and never seen before KING TUBBY picture! The dub inventor and dub master is in the Ranch, the wooden hut outside the 18 Dromilly Avenue, in Waterhouse; and he's smiling (yes, he is! :D) in front of some brand new material. On the cardboard, we can read: 200D GENERATOR. And in the background, what really looks like a White Jesus pinned on the wall (is this Coxsone's calendar? ) This fantastic picture is not featured in our book, so it's a bonus! But you'll find many more like that in our book:

Went to Dub Vendor the other day, Tubby and the DREAD was there...

Dub Vendor is a merchant website - and one of the most iconic. They consequently praise the items they try to sell. Nevertheless, it is a real satisfaction to read their comments on Natty Dread magazine that we published from 2000 to 2010. They used to distribute some copies in London at the time, and I do remember that they sold several dozens of copies of the issue with Tubby on the cover, although written in French! They are now distributing King Tubby - the Dub Master (DREAD Editions), and the book is already available from their website!

DREAD dans le poste !

"Aujourd'hui 1er Juillet, c'est la Journée Internationale du Reggae, Nanoo et Matthieu ont invité Thibault Ehrengardt, Fondateur du magazine Natty Dread et de la maison d'édition DREAD Editions, à la Radio HDR, pour en apprendre plus sur le reggae, sa culture, sa naissance, ses artistes qui ont fondé toutes les bases du reggae... Et du son, du roots & culture pour tous les reggae addicts ! Emission Spéciale aujourd'hui à 14h sur le 99.1 et ! Enjoy, vive le Reggae Music !!!"

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