King Tubby's Hi Fi... pon tape!

English version below. Comme écrit dans le livre King Tubby—the Dub master (DREAD Editions), seuls trois enregistrements des soirées mythiques du King Tubby’s Hi Fi sound system nous sont parvenus. Dont un, exceptionnel, daté de 1975, avec U Roy au micro, toastant jusqu’aux prochaines dates. Ces témoignages sont d’une grande valeur historique et artistique malgré leur qualité souvent relative (ils proviennent d’enregistrements réalisés à partir de ghetto blasters). Les spécialistes sont persuadés qu’il en existe d’autres, mais que leurs propriétaires préfèrent les garder pour eux-mêmes. Ils finiront peut-être par ressortir, en espérant que les cassettes ne s’altèrent pas entre-temps. En att

King Tubby's Essentials: Mikey Faith, the Emperor of sound...

Mikey Gordon-Martin, aka Mikey Faith, was born 'under the clock' (of halway Tree) as they say in Jamaica, with a silver spoon in the mouth. He once ran one of the most iconic sound systems in Jamaica, Emperor Faith. He was known for playing the most Studio One Dubs in the world—these songs were cut on dub machines (most of the time at Tubby’s) and offered exclusive mixes of regular songs. Dubs were expensive, and most sound systems were playing both regular 45s and Dubs. Not Mikey. The early deejay Lizzy laughs: “Him never play a 45, man! Strictly Dub plates. We had our box of 45s, and him have him box of Dub plates!” Mikey never play a 45, man! Strictly Dub plates. In the late 1960s, at lun

King Tubby books in English have arrived! And will soon be dispatched...

The books are here! They will be dispatched in 24 different countries (!) on the next few hours. Please, make sure that you've read and agreed witht shipping conditions as described on our wesbite (see below). If you do not agree, this is the last moment to get a refund. Then it will be too late. Note also that standard shipping might bit a little bit longer (a few days) especially during those Covid-time. Please be advised that all parcels will be sent withtout registration (standard) unless you require so. It is highly reliable but books are sent at your own risks. No complaint, no refund (we will provide a picture of the parcel). Buying on our website means you've read and agreed with thi

Rare photo of King Tubby and the MCI (1973!)

Our biography of King Tubby comes along a lots of terrific and very rare (most of them have never been published before) pictures of King Tubby or the studio. They are all used under licence from Tubby's family. Here is one from October 1973: King Tubby inside the 18 Dromilly Avenue, in Waterhouse. In the foreground, we can see the iconic MCI console! Can you spot the famous "big knob"? Ooooh yes, you can! Courtesy of Tubby's daughter, Arleen Ruddock. Find more incredible pictures in Tubby's official biography (DREAD Editions).

David House, histoire d'une photo iconique!

Thibault Ehrengardt raconte la petite histoire derrière la photo la plus iconique jamais parue dans Natty Dread, celle de Capleton entouré des membres de la David House, à Papine, Kingston, en 1999. Un premier voyage en Jamaïque, une première rencontre et une photo qui a partiellement contribué à changer la vie de celui qui l'a prise ! Actuellement visible en format papier peint (grandeur nature !) à l'expo Jamaica Insula qui vient de rouvrir ses portes à LE 106 (Rouen). In 1999, I went to Jamaica for the first time and I met Capleton in David House, Papine. It was a life-changing moment, and Jamaica offered me more than I had expected (although I had expected a lot!). I took this picture of

UK: Tubby's Essentials. The MCI & the big knob...

King Tubby’s legendary sound came from the MCI console that he bought in 1972—and more specifically from a big red knob! In 1972, Dynamic Sounds got rid of the old MCI console that was used in Studio B. King Tubby bought it on Bunny Lee’s advice, and built a home studio in his mother’s bedroom at 18 Dromilly Avenue, Waterhouse. And it changed everything. Some say King Tubby dismantled the console to improve it. His childhood friend Snaffles is adamant that King Tubby opened it before his eyes to improve it. But King Tubby didn’t add its most important component, which is the legendary ‘big knob’. It is a red knob, slightly bigger than the others—hence its name—, in the right top corner of th

King Tubby in English!

GREAT NEWS! King Tubby's biography in English is almost available. Pre-order it NOW and get a free picture of King Tubby from back in the days! Click on the picture...

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